Deposit account, The applicant authorized the bank to invest its funds in accordance with

the unrestricted speculationcontractfor a specified periodofa month.

Product Features:

o   Profits are calculatedon a monthly basisandispaidat maturity.


o   Availablefor a monthwith the possibility ofautomaticrenewal.


o   Availablein Syrian currency.

Additional features:

o   Expected profits may reach up to 2.8%


o   Participation rate55%


o   Individuals (individual or jointaccountsor minors).


o   e18 years ormore

(you can open accountsfor minorsbytheir fatherorlegal guardianappointed by theSharia Court).


o   Any nationality, including non-residents.


o   Jointaccounts must include (3) people as maximum


o   Companies andinstitutions


o   Others (clubs, associations, charities,government agencies) after obtaining thenecessary approvals.


o   The minimum depositis 50,000SP.


o   A current accountorsaving should be available



Documents (copies of following original documents ):


o   personal Identity card


o   Passport fornon-Syrianswithcardentry (temporary residence).


Fees and Costs:



About us

Cham Bank, private bank in the charter of a Syrian Joint stock company, Was established on the 7th of Sep 2006 With a capital of 5 Billion Syrian Pounds (100 million USD) and registered at the Commercial Register under No.14809 dated January the 24th 2007(the 5th of Muharram 1428), and registered at the Syrian Central Bank under No. 15.

Cham Bank is the first Islamic bank in Syria to take the Islamic Sharia approach. The Bank s operations and activities (With Keeping customer’s names anonymous) are subject to the Central bank of Syria and the Islamic committee monitoring.