Corporate Financing Services

 This department provides a bunch of services and financing solutions that comply with the Islamic Shari

’a law (legislation) and fits all finance requirements for big, mid and small companies covering all commercial,

 industrial and services domains.

Financing Consumer Goods

This product is specially prepared to serve the community in particular helping young people who are about

 to get married to found their homes and meet their increasing and urging needs.


This type of financing includes the purchase of supplies and household, as well as furniture and home

 appliances in addition to electrical equipments. Also, Cham Bank provides through this product financing

 construction and renovation materials, as a contribution to satisfy the needs of housing and stability. 

This is according to a policy designed to be consistent and commensurate with the needs of the individual

with a high degree of flexibility and profit margins that do not exceed 7.50% annually (Flat Rate)

 and converging repayment periods


Financing Domains:

Industrial projects:

The bank offers financing industrial projects establishing and expanding.

 Also providing them with requirement s’ products lines through financing strategies approved by

 Cham Bank Shari’a committee. This finance covers mid and short-term finance for the capital as

 well issuing letters of credit that are related to such projects.

Commercial Finance:

The bank presents various Islamic products and solutions that suite the requirements of commercial

 domain such as; financing import operation, financing local purchasing and others…

Servicing Domain:

Several kinds of servicing projects such as; transports, health, educations… are been covered by our

 Islamic services for both short and mid-term financing.

And sooner the real estate sector will be covered.

Financing Types:

• Murabaha

• Letters of Credits

Later on, Cham Bank will activate Istesna’a, Ijara, Participation, Mudarabeh contracts.





Letters of Credit.


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About us

The capital of Cham Bank  has been increased 40,000,000,000 Syrian Pounds and registered at the Commercial Register under No.14809 dated January the 24th 2007(the 5th of Muharram 1428), and registered at the Syrian Central Bank under No. 15.

Cham Bank is the first Islamic bank in Syria to take the Islamic Sharia approach. The Bank s operations and activities (With Keeping customer’s names anonymous) are subject to the Central bank of Syria and the Islamic committee monitoring.